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Super people from the cornell summer college 05

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hey it's been almost an year [Apr. 13th, 2006|07:50 pm]
Super people from the cornell summer college 05
hey everyone,
what happened to all of us? havent heard from any of you in ages... i broke my phone and lost all of your contacts.
well, its spring now. the cherryblossoms are beautiful. life is good. i deciced to go to U of Chicago cause i love them beyond mesure and they gave me a scholarship (unlike cornell, brown, or the others).
i miss you guys. not long ago i was telling my boyfriend about our waterfall adventures, or dancing like crazy on pink floyd in my room (dan, where are you?) and sliding down that hill (ouch, pleasant pains).
sarah, dan, sandra, landon, lindsay, alex...tell me how've you changed? new discoveries. and passions. and music. and crazy stories of life?!

i saw julia a while ago cause she came to bday party. it was awesome. she still knows how to rock on that guitar ;]
so yeah, when you find a moment for old friends and wonderful memories, write to me: io_neverland@earthlink.net

love you all,


[User Picture]From: theinevitable
2006-04-18 05:07 am (UTC)

I've tried to call you like 4 times! now I know why!

a girl I used to be in love with is going to U of Chicago! She is wonderful, you should meet her and be her friend. I am going to Washington University in St Louis-- it is wonderful and arty and interesting and wonderful. I will come visit you!


I miss you all tons, too. I want to dance until my body aches again.
I haven't listened to "wish you were here" since the last time I saw you guys, and I'm still afraid to hear it.

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From: festivalof_life
2006-04-26 12:39 am (UTC)
dan, hey!
i miss you too, so much. wish we could hang out sometime again. why don't you come over to DC after AP exams and all? come on, just get the bus. it's not that far away. you could live with me for a few days, meet my boyfriend and his awesome basement, or come clubbing with me on hilariously bad music (but hey, dancing all night is always great).
ah, life is awesome (ap exams suck, but oh well). i'd love to meet your friend (what's her name - i might have seen her already if she went to the April open house). well, i did go and had a blast. never have i been happier just walking around the sunny walks through the gothic building, yellow tulips and little wooder signs with "exciting" written on them. i loved the people and fell in love with great many of the handsome intellectual guys with their cigarettes and dreamy eyes.

oh, there's something amazing i have to tell you about. where again in North Carolina do you live? going to 'beach week'? may be i can visit you.

either way, smiles,

i. _*_
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[User Picture]From: theinevitable
2006-04-26 08:44 pm (UTC)
beach week? what? I may go to "beach week" with most of the senior class from my school....
I live in Charlotte, though. It is far from the beach.

She wasn't at the april thing-- her name is Erin Ewald. She's very smart, hardworking, nice, and funny. She comes across as not-fun at first, but she's really great if you get to know her.
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