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Super people from the cornell summer college 05

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hurray for the world [Aug. 9th, 2005|10:56 pm]
Super people from the cornell summer college 05
hey my darlings,
i miss you so but have great things to share. first of all. i am incredibly happy because...wai, why... oh, yeah cause i just am [no comment :] and there is no other way to be. i have a chance of having my own little photograpy exhibit in september here. it all depends on a meeting with one of the pros on wednesday and you can imagine i am trembling with anticip-ation (remember sweet transvestite). cause this is sooo important to me. it will be grand, i have no doubt, at least in my present state of exaltation. speaking of pictures, first i lost my camera (or it got stolen, either way, right now i am using one made in the good old USSR in the 1970s, mind you, its an antique, but i will have to master it). second photo thing. a friend of mine has promised to show me how to make my own website, and i hope to post alllll pics there.

and now get this! i am going to a crazy, beautiful, exhilarating festival of music, fire, dancing and who-knows-what-else in the mountains!!! its a big thing, with tons of cool dread-locky people, a lot of psychedelic/uplifting/insane music and some tribal rituals. i know Dan is going ~oh shit~ but dont worry, i will be safe. some friends are coming with me and we have promised to take care of each other. i will go crazy. i am already just by thinking about it. life is a wonder. lets all face it.
btw if you are that curious and wonna see what it's about, check out the website www.mati-zemlya.net
the name is super cool. ancient bulgarian for Mother Earth.

Alex, love you and havent forgotten. how is ~your~ life [and hair included? :-]
sandra, read, baby, read. i am constantly trying to steal some time but i have three place for volunteering now and they all swear they ~need~ me. lots of hard life stories but i am happy helping out.
Sarah, great desktop paper or whatever that the background for the journal is called. Buddha-like :] how are you? r u back home? please, do make sculptures, it sounds so wonderful.
Dan, i am getting a new bongo and am planning to practise (ha ha) during the festival. miss music here. do you know ~the scorpions~ they are having a concert here (here, here, on the other end of the country, but you know on a good sunny day you can ~see~ the other end if you climb a mountain ;) should i go?
Landon. glorious, my dear. great pictures. i've never doubted your managing skills :] unlike me, you posted all of them and probably still have a camera :] how do you do, otherwise...

someone know why is JULIA never here??? we've got to trace her and spy on her somehow.

bundles of love to you all. i am losing my internet time and will have to confide in thelapy for a while. i will try to write back ~after~ the concert and when i fall back on this earth. planning to fly (it's a special skill, w/out getting too high)

[User Picture]From: dragonstar11
2005-08-09 08:20 pm (UTC)

gonna be in D.C.

Sometime next week, I'm taking a trip down to D.C. to visit colleges... but you'll still be in another continent! Damn it!
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